LTV FMCA International Chapter

The LTV FMCA International Chapter provides a bridge between FMCA and the LTV communities. The chapter is a special purpose LTV travel club whose primary focus is to represent LTV within the FMCA community.

The chapter organizes LTV pre-convention rallies at the two annual FMCA International Conventions. You do not have to be a member of FMCA to join the chapter at these rallies, but you must own a Triple E or Leisure Travel Van (LTV). In order to attend an FMCA International convention and you are not an FMCA member, you must call the FMCA office to sign up for the International Convention and then let us know. Additionally the chapter partners with other nonprofit FMCA chapters that host specific destination rallies such as the Rose Parade.

Joining the chapter consists of three steps:

  1. Fill out the Chapter signup form here
  2. Create your account (username/email/password) here.
  3. Pay the annual dues here.

By joining us at any FMCA International Convention you get to:

  1. Arrive one day early, if you are a first time attendee, at no extra expense while previous attendees get two extra days ahead of their scheduled arrival date.
  2. Beat the long lines to be parked. We arrive on the lightest parking arrival day.
  3. We meet at the event site at a designated time. No one drives out of their way to meet at a remote location.
  4. Caravan together into the “campsites” and park as a group — as such we are not lost in a sea of Class A rigs. We’re within steps of each other and not scattered in different lots. Because numerous chapter members volunteer to help at the FMCA International convention, we typically get placed closer to the main event center.
  5. Whether this is your first convention or ten years since your last, you’ll meet people who can explain the seminars and activities, to help you get the most of your FMCA experience.

The chapter also partners with other FMCA non-profit chapters that organize popular destination rallies at significantly less cost, for the same exact itinerary, as commercially produced equivalents. Currently the chapter is partnering with the SOI Chapter, which has produced a Rose Parade destination rally for the last 45 years. If interested in the Rose parade please contact us by clicking here and let us know.